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Cad Service is one of the most creative and innovative companies specializing in developing various software products and components. Our world-class solutions are an added value for any company who is willing to embrace cutting-edge technology and enhance their internal productivity and performance through advanced management systems.

With the help of a committed team of experts driven by a passion for innovation is the secret of our powerful success over the years. Many years of experience and senior-expertise is what distinguishes Cad Service from all competitors, making us the most reliable infor solution partner network for your 74-company.

The Best Infor solution Partner Network


Given the constant evolution of technology, one of the most important things for every kind of businesses nowadays, is to remain on top of their industry. To do this, you need to invest in high-quality software solutions, especially when it comes to internal management systems such as enterprise asset management. The system is designed to help you digitize and optimize your maintenance operations within the company while ensuring a better/easy management solution and improving the efficiency of your company’s performance.

What makes our products the most demanding ones in the market is that our EAM comes complete and the customer does not need to further customize it.

Why CAD Services and Products?


In addition to best-in-class services and top-quality products, our company offers additional assistance to our dear clients. Our team excels in providing exceptional customer service 24/7.

For further information regarding our infor solution partner network services or products, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly assess your request and offer you the best custom solutions specific to your unique enterprise challenges. Request a quote now increase the success potential of your company!